Laura Greenlee-Karp cares about what happens in our community every day. 

She wants to continue building a strong, inclusive, and welcoming North St. Paul.

We live here together and we should work on building this community stronger together.

North St Paul is a desirable location for new renters, homeowners, and families with its beautiful parks, rich history, and small-town feel. As new citizens join our 3 square mile town, our diversity is growing. We need leadership which understands that our diversity is our strength, and the future of North St. Paul depends on its ability to include new perspectives and ideas on how to keep our city appealing and relevant.  Laura has dedicated the last four years of her career studying North St Paul and its community. She puts equity and compassion at the forefront of everything she does and continues to fight tirelessly for all voices to be heard and all families to welcomed.

Representation is important.


Our current City Council doesn’t adequately represent our diverse population, leaving many groups of people unrepresented in our local government.Celebrating the diversity of each of us is important. We need to provide city communications in the languages spoken in North St. Paul, improve ADA accesibility in our sidewalks, and engage with our neighbors even when they don’t look like us. Laura has a demonstrated track record in passing policy, dedicating city money to accessibility, and personal lived experience to bring new and diverse perspectives.

Citizens deserve financial clarity and community partnerships.


We need more councilmembers who are willing to partner with local and state representatives and business partners to ask for assistance in paying down debts like the one we’ve incurred with Uptown Commons Apartment Project construction.  With our proximity to downtown St. Paul, Woodbury, and Stillwater we need to make North St. Paul a destination city that attracts businesses and revenue. We have to be smart and do it in a way that makes sense for the people and businesses that pay taxes and maintains integral jobs within the city. Laura's ability to build strong community partnerships, fiscal responsibility, and creative problem solving make her the perfect person to tackle this problem.

Our parks are a priority.


In September 2020 Councilmembers Thorsen, Walczak, and Petersen voted to remove all full-time staff responsible for the stewardship of our 15 beautiful and frequently used parks. As our city grows, and more residents call North St. Paul home the more green, community, and play spaces we need. We need council members who value and prioritize our parks. As the Vice-Chair of the Parks and Recreation Commission, Laura understands the importance of our local parks.

Continue moving forward, together.


At the heart of North St. Paul is its citizens. We have the potential to make North St. Paul exactly what you want it to be. To do that, we need councilmembers dedicated to community feedback, the good, the bad, the new, and the creative. Laura is here to listen, and take your hopes for our future, and turn them into action. A vote for Laura Greenlee-Karp is a vote for strong and diverse communities and responsive leadership.