Campaign Endorsements

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Community Support

"Laura Greenlee-Karp, I wish I could vote for you! You will be a great advocate for your City!

-Sylvia Neblett, Maplewood City Council


"Laura regularly brings new ideas to the Parks and Recreation Commission and seeks out ways for the commission to be inclusive of the diverse community it serves.  During Laura’s tenure as Parks Commissioner, she has been successful in creating collaborations between the school district, City, and the community. She has collaborated with the City to add new community events such as Fire on Ice and multi-day programs such as Polar Explorers. All of the programs she has collaborated on with the City have been well executed, enjoyable for the community, and have had high community participation. I am proud of Laura's accomplishments as Parks and Recreation Commissioner with the City of North St. Paul"

-Debra Gustafson Administrative and Community Services Director City of North St Paul.

"Laura is a skilled leader that is creative, collaborative, and committed to high-quality community partnerships.  She is able to see a need and develop a plan to fill that need.  She understands the importance of seeking multiple cultural and racial perspectives when making decisions and is committed to making equitable decisions that best meet the needs of our community. She is a visionary, outside-of-the-box thinker with an equity mindset.  She is committed to making programming accessible to all community members.  She is able to build authentic relationships with multiple stakeholders (students, parents, staff, directors, community members, etc.) and is well-connected to the community as a whole. Laura believes in serving her community and empowering students to do the same"

Mona Perkins - Webster Elementary Principal


"Laura is first and foremost a methodical and practical planner with an in-depth vision for the future. She sees the “big picture” ideas of what can be and deftly crafts plans to get herself and the whole organization there. Her pragmatism, knowledge and skill base combined with her personal warmth will see her through any challenge"

Khrisslyn Goodman - Director of Assessment and Research

"Laura is extraordinarily bright and perceptive and has shown herself to be a high achiever—not only of academic standards, but in demonstrating interpersonal skill as an organizer, a communicator, and a facilitator of the work of others.  She is collaborative by nature and has keen perceptions as to the various perspectives of those in constituent groups associated with a school district.  While her extensive experience in non-profit organizations and youth development are notable, she is equally skilled in developing programs and building coalitions of advocacy for individuals and groups across school communities.  Laura’s strength in both written and verbal communication, her visionary approach to leadership and her strong character combine to foster her effectiveness in working with people.  She is well-organized and loyal, pragmatic in managing tasks and helping others to do so.  Laura has a deep understanding of cultural and individual differences and how they impact public organizations.  She is an advocate for individuals, yet has the understanding of organizations that promotes realistic change initiatives, incremental improvements and strategic program development"

Chris Sonenblum, PhD - University of Minnesota OLPD